Truths to ask your boyfriend?

What are good questions to ask you're boyfriend in a game of truths
we have already asked each other so many I'm out of ideas and try to make them ones that are unusual but make sense to ask

Thanks! :)
Asked Dec 26, 2013
are you a virgin?
have you ever been attracted to a guy?
have you ever thought a guy was hot?
if your favorite girl celebrity were to come up to you right now and ask you to makeout with her would you?
would you ever marry me?
how many girlfriends have you had?
would you ever pay the kissing game? (aka a game where he chooses one girl who he thinks is the best kisser(; )
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
What is your favorite thing about me?

and also if this didn't help you could go onto yahoo! have fun! (;
Answered Dec 26, 2013

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