Why hasn't he approached me yet?

Hey! My question is,"does my crush like me back?"
Okay well I have a crush on this guy and I think he might like me back but he hasn't talked to me yet! Well here is a list of SOME of the things he does on a DAILY basis:
1. He stares when I'm not looking
2. When I look he is already looking
3. We hold eye contact from 3-5 seconds
4. Okay so when he sees me coming down the hallway he comes into view so he has a good look at me and legit stares the hole entire time and he thinks I can't see him but I can and he was watching me and staring for the whole time so about 10 or more seconds and right when he was about to pass I looked at him and he was looking at me and then he looked away about 3 seconds later and he looked away really slowly.
5. He looks me right in the eyes
6. He has a serious and blank expression but his eyes are soft
7. Even though his locker is no where near mine what so ever he still goes by my locker almost everyday and a couple times in a row
8. When he goes by he stands tall and puffs out his chest
9. Sometimes when he goes by my locker he will walk by at a weirdly very slow pace and puts on this tough face and stand tall
10. When he is coming down my hallway he stares when he is far away
11. When he comes down my hallway he brings the same friend everytime
12. He looks at my one guy friend with a weird and mean stare.
13. Before he wouldn't let me catch him staring at me but now he lets me catch him and he doesn't even bother to look away or for atleast not another couple seconds
14. When him and his friend goes his friend will stare at me then back at my crush
15 when he does by he acts nervous: cracks hands, hands on belt, hands in pocket, does a lot of gestures with his hands, will run his hand through his hair etc.
16. One time him and his friend were going by and when they were walking past me my crush was giving this suspicious smile to his friend and they weren't even talking his was just giving this weird smile to his friend.
17. He always watches me from far away
16. One time I was looking right at him and he was kinda far away but he was staring right at me and I guess he didn't reliaze I was staring right back so we stared at eachother for about 5 seconds and once he reliazed I caught him he looked really fastly to the side
17. Another time time when I was coming down the hallway he was at the opposite side and when he saw me coming he kinda walked towards my side so he could be right in my view and when I looked he was looking but he looked in my eyes for a a split second and then looked away.
18. When I'm turned around and he thinks I can't see him he will turn his head to look at me
19. One time I was talking to my guy friend and after him and his friend past his friend said "did you see that?" And they both looked back at me
20. Also my friend said that when my crush and his friend are going by that my crushes friend will look at me then Back at my crush then back at me and will start pushing my crush towards me
21. One time when my crush and his frond went by his friend started patting him on the arm
22. Also this might not mean anything but when my crush goes by he starts to out his hand in his pocket or does something to look cool and now he wears his varsity highschoo jacket a lot
Well that's about it but he looks and stares a lot and I apologize for all this but I just want the best answer and but why hasn't he talked to me yet? he is two years older then me but the ironic thing is he used to be my neighbor!
*okay before he moved one time I was in the backyard with my dog and then I looked over and I saw him standing at the edge of the backyard with his dog and he was just like staring at me and when he saw me look he kinda freaked out and told his dog to come on and kinda like jogged away.
But thank you for your time and please give me an honest answer it means so much and should I smile? Or why hasn't he approached me? Thank you for your time and help! :)
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Dec 26, 2013
Beat him out of his own game and take control and approach him yourself, you will never know if he likes you back if you two don't talk. It sounds like he has been checking you out ;) Maybe he is shy and waiting for you to come to him. Smile! :) A smile can go a long way. Hope everything works out well for you!
Answered Dec 26, 2013
OMG thanks you so much! This has helped a lot and okay I will smile! Hopefully it works! :)
Your welcome good luck!

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