Please help me, my bf&I have been talking about fingering&my cherry hasnt popped?!

please help me and my boyfriend have been talking about fingering and he wants to do it soon, I have told him I havent been fingered before and he told me it will be fine, but I am very parinoid that my cherry might pop? or something else will go wrong, he has fingered other girls before me but I am just worried something will go wrong. what do you do during it?
Its not that I dont want him to do it I just need help/advice on what its like, please answer fast

age; 16
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Dec 25, 2013
Age of boyfriend needed
16 aswell
It is possible, but very rare to happen. If you feel pressure while his fingers are inside your vagina, tell him to stop or to be careful. It really all depends how long his fingers are and how far away your hyman is.
Answered Dec 25, 2013
Technically, just fingering isn't classed as loosing your virginity, only penetrative sex. Just tell him to be gentle with you and make sure he washes his hands first. If it hurts or doesn't feel comfortable tell him to stop, there's no shame in telling him if something doesn't feel right. If you both lie sideways facing each other while he does it, you can still kiss him or hold him closer to you. Just relax and enjoy yourself.
Answered Dec 30, 2013

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