Me&my bf have talked about fingering&i have never been fingered&my cherry hasnt popped!?

Me and my boyfriend have been talking about fingering and he has fingered other girls before, but I have never been fingered and my cherry hasnt popped yet and he want to finger soon, someone help me please :/
Asked Dec 25, 2013
FINGERING does not cause any harm except your boyfriend have long nails which might cause harm and internal bleeding ,fingering is good,trust me,you gonna like it as time goes on,it because it your first time
Asked your non-virgin friends to tell you about how fingering feels like!!!!
Am 17 now ,my girlfriend, always tells me that ,i am the best guy in fingering her,it feels amazing ,i told her that it the technique I used,she visits me four times a week
Don't if you are scared and not sure what to are too young
Answered Dec 25, 2013
By the sad face you doesnt sound excited or happy..
he doesn't have to do it if he really loves you, if you ain't ready or feel uncomfortable just tell him..
Answered Dec 25, 2013
I do want to do it, I just havent ever had this done to me before I'm just a little nervous
How long you guys been together (?)
about 8 months
Im guessing you virgin cause you never been fingered before.. you 16, how old is your boyfriend ?
yes I am a virgin and we're both 16
How old are u
Answered Dec 25, 2013
I'm 16
if he loves you, he will understand anything you say rly. just do it if u want, but dont let him do it without ur permission..
Answered Jan 08, 2014

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