My linksys wrt160n is portforwarded correctly, but still won't work.

I use a Linksys WRT160N router for portforwarding, the firmware version being v1.02.2, and my IP is currently static. I connect using a Wi-Fi adapter that is Netgear, using adapter N300. This is the first time this issue has occurred, because I have used the same settings, adapter, and router for portforwarding in the past and it works. I'm trying to host a Minecraft server, and anybody attempting to connect to it is unable to connect. I have checked several times through my router's settings, although I haven't found a single issue with it. I attempted using DHCP reservation from a YouTube video I have saw before, however no changes occurred from doing that. For Minecraft, you're supposed to keep the server configuration for the server IP blank, which it is, and put the port as 25565. The same problem persists with Terraria, as portforwarding doesn't work.
Asked Dec 24, 2013

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