My wife put a keylogging program on our computer and wiretapped my phone. How can I find the program

my wife put a keylogging program on our computer and wiretapped my phone. How can I find the program and use that against her in court?
After 20 years together I caught her smoking meth 5 years ago and found that she didn't pay our mortgage for 8 months. then I made the worst mistake I've ever made... I forgave her and said we'd fix it. I had a terrible work accident and lost part of hand in a running press soon after that and then I found out even worse problems and she one day emptied our accounts and left me with 9 years of back bills she ran up and didn't pay. Before she took off she keylogged the computers / wiretapped my phone and our house and damn near killed me by not giving me my chest pain meds, quite paying the second mortgage and went on a spending spree. She went to our police dept and told them a bunch of lies to get them to come because I had a gun and was going to possibly kill her and they sent 4 cars out telling me to come out empty handed or else.All I've got is a antique 20 gage that's never been fired in 40 years and I've never had ammo for it. The main cop in town does whatever she wants but wont take my reports on her and tries to arrest me if I try to make a report. They now will not protect me but anytime she calls they're right out to my door though I've not put eyes on her in months. a I've filed for divorce but after she did all the bugging listened to my lawyer and I talking and hacked me out of my email accounts she sold my info to a online group that buys info to hack everyone and they caused even more damage. she sent a message to our computer that immediately started erasing everything but I pulled all the wires to stop it but I need to get any and all evidence out of computer to show what she did plus all the accounts she spent all our money on that she was using.
PLEASE I NEED HELP as I'm now 3 years one handed from industrial accident , can't get any work almost out of accident settlement money/ which is why she left because I said no her name is never to be on the account. , extreme high blood pressure at heart attach levels fixing to lose house I saved... I know this all sounds impossible but isn't it's ALL true and more and I've nowhere to turn from her next attack .
Asked Dec 22, 2013
Edited Dec 22, 2013
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