Is she shy or not interested?

I'm an 18 year old senior in high school. I'm shy and haven't gone on any dates. This girl I have a crush on started saying hi to me when she walked by and I would say hello back. Then one time we go on a bus to a event, and she sits next to me and we talk the whole time. We talk about life she laughs and shows signs that she likes me like laughing at my dumb jokes, and then we figure out that we have two of the same classes for career day, so she says she is excited that she will have a friend to talk to. I think we clicked because we flirted a little, but later on career day she didn't talk to me, and sat next to her friend and talked to her, it was almost like I didn't exist. I'm getting mixed signals does she like me? Is she trying to nicely say shes not interested? Is she just shy? She has guy friends that she talks to all the time, and she has friendzoned one guy and one of my friends. Then there is this third guy who im not sure if she is friends with him or likes him. Im just really confused.
Asked Dec 21, 2013
This could be a classic case of 'hard to get' on her part. Cosmopolitan Magazine often prints articles about how woman should do 'this' or 'that', and more often than not it's all nonsense advice that sucks. Women like to feel liked, adored, important, etc., and by her playing hard to get, YOU are forced to either give in and ravish her in attention or simply ignore it. (Honestly, if the roles were reversed SHE would feel just like you do now.)

Okay, so now you need to make a decision. Are you gonna do nothing or are you gonna pursue her? Being that you are not sure if she is involved with another guy or not, you pretty much have a green light at trying. It may be very nerve-wracking, but don't let that stop you, especially if you REALLY like her. Perhaps you should strike up another conversation with her and casualty inquire about the other guy. (Example: "I hope your boyfriend has just as many similar interests with you as I do.") This may provoke her to agree, disagree, or to correct your assumption. Ask her if you and her can study together or do something else along those lines to allow you both to hang out together.

She COULD be shy, but most shy people are shy around most ALL people which would have prevented her from speaking to you, laughing, and flirting with you. Other theories are that she is a serial flirter, a heart breaker, or even scared.

Don't rush anything. Don't smother her, and don't put pressure on her or you to be more than friends at first. A different kind of relationship may be in store you guys but that could be a little later down the road.

Find ways to make her laugh (chicks dig a sense of humor).

Even if she does reject you, keep in mind that it's not the end of the world and YOU could then be the one playing hard to get (talk to other girls when she's around, etc.) she will wonder why you have lost interest in her and like most women, she will talk to you every chance y'all get just to have all of your attention focused back on HER.

Answered Feb 04, 2014

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