Im so alone and just keep pushing people away :(

hi all I this is my first ever question so be kind not really sure what to say really.

im 24 years old and I have a total of 1 maybe 2 friends . I do have a wife n kids but struggle to connect with them anymore I feel my life is falling apart. I do suffer with depression after leaving the army a year ago I have lost ALOT of friends due to either not talkin to them living to far away or me pushing people away or turning them against me.

it almost feels like im on a self destructive path. I am currently waiting for psychological help but NHS waiting time is well lets not go there.

i struggle from day to day I used to be so confident healthy in great shape and happy-ish. but now im the total opposite . I dont like leaving the house ive put weight on so un confident and I feel like everyone is out to get me or saying stuff behind my back.

its prob not true but still hard to shake that feeling. sorry for the ramble I know it isnt really a question either but I dont know where else to turn. ( comes to something when all you have left is strangers) well even if nobody replies thank you for reading all the same


Asked Dec 21, 2013
I know how you feel (the depression I mean) but trust me things will get better if you push towards them. You mentioned something about losing friends because you didn't talk to them anymore. If you have their phone numbers or adress' then try to explain how you feel to them. They might still think of you ad a friend. Maybe their just waiting for you to confirm it. Xx
Answered Dec 22, 2013
thanks :D ive tried either people dont reply or cant be arsed. really dont think theres any going back to those so called mates
I totally understand your situation! Depression is called 'the common cold of the brain.' It's very common in people these days.
But to deal with this you are gonna need to change! A therapist is needed here. Online therapists are also available.

And here are some tips you could try:
1.I know it's hard but try to tell your wife about this. People understand more than you think.
2 .Spend some time with your children. Children are always a source of joy and will probably cheer you up. Ask them about their lives as a conversation starter. Remember, to deal with this you are gonna need your family.
3.Start exercising for at least 30 minutes everyday. This will help your body to heal. And this tip you SHOULD try.
4.Try meditation and yoga.
5. Maintain a journal and write your thoughts in it everyday. It will help you analyze yourself.
6.When you feel sad take your car and go for a long drive instead of eating!
7.Sing happy songs. Hearing your own voice will help you.
8. Watch comedy shows and movies. My favs are Friends and The Big Bang Theory.
9.Take up a new hobby and try to keep yourself busy.
10. Lastly, try to stay away from negative stuff ( shows,movies,people!)

All The Best and don't give up. I would strongly recommend that you go to a therapist because it would be a big help.
Answered Dec 24, 2013
hi jane thanks for your reply was really good and I will try some of these :D I am waiting to NHS mental health but there like 3-4 months waiting list even tho its an emergency and I should get priority due to being ex-army so abit annoyed and love 10. avoid people lol
Glad I could help! :)
Jane16 Dec 26, 2013

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