Vue plymouth/ abusive 40 minutes of adverts in front of a childs film FROZEN.

I went to see FROZEN at Plymouth with my 3 year old as its a childs film and was horrified to be subjected to 40 minutes of adverts in front of it. I new my daughter would be able to sit through the film long enough but to sit through 40 minuets of adverts on top of the film is nothing more than abusive and serves no purpose to that child what so every. As you can imagine because of it my daughter became fidgety so much so I had to tell her to sit down and be quite, had the film started around the time it was supposed to it would not of been a problem. Shame they didnt advertise that they where going to show 40 minutes of adverts prior to the film starting on the tickets so that parents can make an informed choice in taking there seats a bit later by passing the adverts. My advice is dont bother going to see disney FROZEN wait for it to come out on DVD, They clearly have no respect towards children or they would not of shown a whopping 40 mins of adverts in front of the film
Asked Dec 20, 2013
it is unfortunate , when even a children's film has 40 min of advertisments in it.

you can ask a local small newspaper paper on online forum to discuss to get the public's attention.

since this bothered you as a concerned parent , it well have gotten some other peoples attention as well.

and yes , now that you have experienced this , you know to get dvds and watch them at home instead and can tell other mothers and caregivers about this.
Answered Apr 15, 2017

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