I told my BFFs that I am Dating, should I tell them that they can tell other people?

I am 11 years old and I have a boyfriend who I really love and who really loves me. We started to think that we should go out together and a kiss. Today, it was the end of the school, but we were busy at school so we didn't have time to spend that time together. When we went to our house, we went on our e-mail account, and chat for a while. Finally, we decided to kiss and go out next semester. Before that, I had to tell one of my best friend some of my secrets, so I told her that I was going to kiss my boyfriend and go out with him next semester. I also told her to not to tell it to any one and try not to talk about it with me to because someone might be listening to us. She is a really good person and she promised me to not to tell any one. However, I kind of feel sorry for my other good friends and I feel like telling them. Should I tell them or not. HELP ME PLEASE!
Asked Dec 18, 2013
I think you should tell them if your best friend promised she promise and you go girl gotta boyfriend I'm 11 and had the same problem and my friends promised not to tell. Any one and we've been going out since Dec.3rd 2013 so an month

(This is from an 5th grader that's 11 TOO!!!!)
Answered Jan 15, 2014

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