I cheated on my girlfriend

My girlfriend caught me kissing another girl. She ran away crying. I feel so bad about this because she means everything to me. She talks to me but seems so cold-hearted. I try to approach her, it works but when I talk to her and asks her questions she just says things straight to the point. She doesn't feel sweet anymore.
Asked Dec 15, 2013
Well if she means Everything to you why were you kissing someone else? Girls get very Emotional when it comes to love, Just try talking to her. You shouldn't have kissed someone else though >:(
Answered Dec 15, 2013
Thanks. I know I shouldn't have done that. I tried speaking to her today and she did answer normally and I explained everything to her. She said she'll give me another chance but she told me not to expect anything out of it. She told me that it'll take a while for our relationship to get back to the way it was
I Hope you get back together soon. I'd advise you not to read the rest of the answers though- people do terrible things because of their OWN faults :(
Ok here is what you do if I as ur GF all my girlfriends would be telling her that ur a tramp but tell her from deep down '' you know ( her name) I have done some terrible things to you that no girl should EVER indoor I am very sorry. You don't have to forgive me but I don't want you to live with the pain that I am living with by not seeing your beautiful soul and your shinning personality. everyday. - Your name

Btw what the hell is wrong with you don't EVER DO THAT
Answered Dec 16, 2013
i mean ive done it as well and im ashamed because I know it was a bad thing and I loved her but she cheated on me first by kissing another guy and I felt sad but didnt take it to bad then I cheated on her and asked a girl for a pic of her boobs no physical contact and then she gose and crys about it like its the end of the world or like I just drove over her dog on purpose now whos at falt the most me or her
Answered Dec 17, 2013
That's just Evil >:( ANd you didn't have to harm someone/something else because of YOUR faults.
If she every thing to you why u cheat????
Give her a break then after she calmed down talk to her
And please never do that again to any girl
Answered Dec 17, 2013
women are very emotional when it comes to love if their hearts are broken they will become cold and heartless or go insane….if she was your everything then why did you cheat on her….you need to speak to her about it tell her your sorry and you don't deserve her and tell her you still love her…but never do that to her
Answered Dec 20, 2013
Assume your actions and their consequences, and you will force your ex to try to understand why you have done so. It is only in this way that you can rebuild your relationship.
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Answered Dec 26, 2013
She will be upset about this, she's a girl and us girls get very emotional over love.
My boyfriend done this to me before just the other week, but I did not see it but he admited it to me and I forgave him for it. Of course you shouldnt have kissed someone else but it happens.
All you have to do is show her that you're really truly sorry, show her how much you love her, surprise her and treat her with respect.
Dont worry too much about it, she has given you another chance so she does still love you she is just hurt that you kissed someone while you were still with her.

Hope this helps, best of luck
Answered Dec 26, 2013

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