Why won't my boyfriend give me a hug?

My boyfriend won't give me a hug :(
Asked Dec 13, 2013
We need more details I think he just isint in the mood if he does it over and over there must be somthing on his
Answered Dec 13, 2013
He hasn't spoke to me either he's been like this since this girl told him I put as my status on Skype I hate my life and that's when I wasn't dating him and I just forgot to change it :/
You should sit down and explain it to him that you want a hug say that you really like your life my opinion
I know how you feel my crush was dared to ask me out and he treats me the same ( excepts stands really close to me lol). This is going to take a lot of guts but why don't you go for the hug like if he takes you out say thanks then give him a 3 second hug. And before you see him take a shower, Put on perfume, and Take a breath mint. If that doesn't work then tell me. Hoped I helped!!

Answered Dec 26, 2013
Edited Dec 29, 2013
Any hookers?
Answered Dec 26, 2013
*cough* *cough* desperate much?

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