Will police return after getting caught with maruijana?

So we had a cop show up, which turns out he is. Chief of police. He knocked we tried to hide everything. We were in the middle of smoking. Answered and closed the door behind.me he said he was here because my home phone kept failing 911 with lines crossed and it was bad weather. At first was telling him he coyldnt come inside but he said he had to to see if we were safe. He smelled it and my boyfriend.didn't get rid of it all before he came in. The cop said he knew and if we just gave it to him he would let us go. So we did because it was only like maybe 1g or less. He gave us a ciatstion ticket but did not mention.anything about pot. It's just a hazardous ciatation to ticket kinda like as if we got a speeding ticket but worse. I am needing to know what to expect. He said we could treat it like a speeding ticket and.pay it and not have to go to court. And he would.not arrest either of us. He didn't. So my question is will the cop come back another day with a warrent to.see if we buy more or lie to.him about not going to do it anymore? Can he come back with a warrent? Not sure if I should continue to play it safe and still smoke.just once in a while and hide what I have left in the house or not. I don't want to.waste pot I buy nor do I want to get caught again. Can he return.later with a warrent after letting us go and already giving us the ticket?
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Anonymous User
Asked Dec 11, 2013
Edited Dec 13, 2013
No I really don't think he would if he already dealt with it in the first place
Answered Apr 01, 2014

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