Am I going crazy.or hearing my future?

Okay..this is gonna sound weird..uh I'm a 14yr old girl and for the past year-ish a certain sentence randomly pops into my head. It is an adult voice saying it (It's not like I'm hearing voices..its like some sort of thought that seems associated with a memory/flashback) and it's the simple words "She killed herself". Sometimes I also hear/think the words "Last night" at the end with it ("She killed herself last night"). Then sometimes at the end of the "thought" there is a bloodcurdling, piercing scream that sounds like a woman's. It starts quiet- like a shriek of surprise- then raises into the scream that dies down after a moment. In case I haven't been clear- I will clarify- I will be walking down the halls of school or whatever and all of a sudden I have some sort of (voice) flashback of a woman saying "She killed herself (last night)." Then there is a bloodcurdling scream. IDK what this means, or if im going crazy..? It isn't an actual memory because no one I know has ever killed themselves. I have had a very hard, depressing, past and sometimes I think that I am hearing the aftermath of my death- Like I was the one who killed myself...and maybe it's my sister or something screaming- or even me while I die...Ughh well I just want to know if anyone else knows what this means or is going through the same thing?? It happens about once a day.
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Asked Dec 10, 2013
You should talk to your parents about that issue you are having and tell them if you have to go to a therapist or psychiatrist.. maybe you been watching horror movies and you might be thinking of it too much, hope I helped.
Answered Dec 11, 2013
Edited Dec 11, 2013
I'm too scared to tell them...And it's certainly not because of horror movies because I rarely ever watch TV..especially movies.
Well, Here is a simple way to tell if it is just a thought, or a voice in your head, which by the way should be promptly dealt with. anyway, if the scream you hear in your head, gets audibly louder, then you should seek help, however if it remains the same volume but gets higher pitched, in that case, it may just be a stage in life, I've had similar things happen to me, thoughts I couldn't necessarily control because they just kept popping in my head randomly, scared the skin off me. anyway, it passed eventually, but I would still seek help from a professional, it's not like they're just gonna say "You're Crazy" and give you medication, If it's a problem, it must be dealt with. Good luck, and God Bless :)
Answered Sep 26, 2016
Edited Sep 26, 2016

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