My dog slipped a disc will he live

My brother was sleeping with my dog and he turned and jerked the dogs back by mistake. It happened at night so I didn't find out till the next day. The next day my dog was walking weird and I thought he just hurt his leg. Then the following day he couldn't walk and so I took him to the vet. The vet said it sounds like a herniated disc and they wanted to keep him over night to do x rays and give him steroids. Well the x rays showed no infection or fracture which meant it was a slipped harniated disc and not a ruptured one. They kept him for the weekend to keep giving steriods. I read online surgery would fax this but I cant afford it. I also read that he might not walk again. My question is if he can't walk will he still live I don't mind the extra care I love my dog and I can't live without him. Also any guess when they will let me bring him home I miss him so much.
Asked Dec 08, 2013

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