Family Demon Named Izzy. Need Help With Research On This Ouija Board Demon?

Okay. So, In My Family, My Grandma Was Just A Stupid Teenager And She Used A Ouija Board. She Was Alone At The Time. When She Asked "What Is Your Name?" The Oujia Board Said, "I-Z-Z-Y" My Grandma Continued Asking Questions And The Last Thing She Recieved Was "D-I-E", If I Recall. She Went To Bed That Night And Woke Up To A ShadowMan. It Punched Her Chest Down With A Force, She Says, "Undescribable". She Had This Bell On A Necklace Around Her Neck At The Time, And The ShadowMan Lifted Her Up In The Air, She Dangled From The Necklace 5 Feet From Her Bed. The ShadowMan Hissed In Her Face, "IT'S IZZY!" My Grandma Snappe The Necklace And Watched Ad The Demon Evaporated. Now, I Believe, Im Being "Haunted" By Izzy. Can Anybody Give Me Any Websites To Research This "Izzy"? I Need To Know More. My Grandma Says If I Used A Oujia Board, Something Bad Would Happen. Please, Someone Do A Little Research For Me Or Just Give Me A Website.
Asked Dec 06, 2013
She's full of sh*t
Answered Dec 06, 2013
Your going to be okay pray to god and if your like TERRIFIED sleep with a cross 😇 or gift you think this is serious get a priest to bless the house every once and a while
Answered Dec 07, 2013
Or if you still have the oujui board put it under holy water like grab a pot fill with holy water (enough to cover it) and put it in put a cross in the box and put a wight on top that should stop it
i've had something like this happen but I can't remember the name of the demon talk to a priest or pastor or someone who can put a blessing on your house if you get possessed*mine tried*get an exorcism but be warned the exorcist may be a sceptic at first they will probably and more than likely ask you if you have been to psychologist to see if there is anything wrong
Answered Dec 07, 2013

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