Critically analyze features of QAM a) Mathematical formulations, b) Constellation (vector) diagrams

As amplitude shift keying (ASK) and phase shift keying (PSK) constitute special cases of QAM, the comparisons and critical discussions of the features of QAM compared to those of ASK and PSK are required. More specifically:
a) mathematical formulas of ASK and PSK signals arising from QAM signals,
b) constellation diagrams of ASK, PSK compared to QAM. Indicatively, treat the following situations:
a) How a QPSK and an 8-ASK signal is generated by a QAM signal?
b) Is QPSK a 4-QAM?
c) What do the constellation diagrams of 8-ASK and QPSK look like compared to a QAM constellation diagram?
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Asked Dec 05, 2013
Edited Dec 06, 2013
hey....this is maria.....i need to find the answer of exactly the above question i.e. the features of QAM. mathematical formulation and constellations etc.....please help me to bless thier answers......
Answered Nov 28, 2014

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