I want to kill someone

there is a certain fat ass nasty ugly wheal bitch who says she will beat me up and kill me*chuckles*no I want to kill her either i'll do it my self or i'll hire a hit man or hire a help to have them strap her down and torture her slowly cut her up and put the pieces in a corrosive acid then pour the substance down the drain toilet or something then burn the tarp and my clothes then shower then set the building on fire then leave it
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Dec 03, 2013

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from personal experience, I realize that they are some people that can piss you off and just hurt you so bad that you'd like to return the hurt a thousand times worst, I see that she managed successfully to completely distroy every joy in your life , and now you feel a strong urge to just get rid of her entirely, however, that's not the answer, not because she doesn't deserve it (she may), but because you don't deserve to lose yourself and end up a murderer. I wouldn't advise you to just stand her or try to communicate with her to get better. I would advise you to just end the relationship so firmly and stop her abuse for good. don't let her poison your life. don't allow her to contaminate your existence
Answered Dec 04, 2013

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