Please help whats wrong with me

hi my name is stacy and will you answer my question

i've gone through my whole entire life thinking I was nothing but mom hates me and my dad called me literately nothing I don't even tell him what I feel about of do anything I usually put up a mask to seem fine.but ever since I told my bff my dad told me I was nothing she has been going around saying everything is her fault and she's worthless she needs to cut her bullshit and ignore her step dad*whom does not say everything is her fault he sides more with the younger one cause she used to lie and blame everything on him but their dad finally caught her in a lie and did not believe her ever since*he even said she was his favorite and a good girl yesterday cause her brother fucked up their mom's cell phone*he erased EVERYTHING*now I feel emotionless or atlases dead I can't sleep I feel drained and like i'm a gray blob and when she said*i'm worthless I said well so am i*she gets so pissed and said I top it well I usually have to cause it's true i've had far worse than her nobody truly likes me she won't give people a chance when she's in a crowded room she turns into bitchzilla I try to be positive but it sorta feels horrible I feel like a gray blob of shit I always tell her she is not worthless and to me she is worth her weight in gold but damn

i've also started cutting again
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Asked Dec 02, 2013
Edited Dec 02, 2013
I know every thing seems fucked up but it isn't your problem it sounds like THEIR problems, trying to blame everything on you. Don't listen to that shit you ARE NOT a piece of trash there's not another you on this planet so you are fucking unique take advantage of that shut them out and do what your passion is and fucking pursue it this a group that helps you get though it 972-233-8336 is the number now use it. Hope this helps! If you ever want to talk I got your back my little sis died hearing shit like that from our parents and she killed herself at young age. Please don't take it out on yourself
Answered Dec 02, 2013

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