How do I tell if someone has been in my house?

related to this. I found some rather private objects "moved". by moved I mean I did not expect them to be where they were but cannot be sure if I had left them in another location. I usually tuck said private thing away under some piles of stuff but now I find it in a drawer. problem is I cannot for the life of me remember if that is where I last placed it, how could I run a"diagnostic" check and find out if someone else had moved it?

i don't want stuff on how it could be prevented next time(i know about hairs across doors etc) but rather advice on how to work out what really happened this time.
Asked Dec 01, 2013
Place cameras around the house. Check windows and doors, to see if they've been moved. Check for any signs of footprints maybe inside and outside. For example, if they climbed through a window surely there's dirt or something under the window, maybe a garden or something? There might be footprints in that dirt! Right below the window. Ask a neighbor you're close to, friendship wise.
Answered Dec 01, 2013
placing cameras cannot help. the incident has already happened. I live in a tower block so footprints by the door are not uncommon from people going to otehr homes. window is not tampered with.
If you have a wireless-enabled computer, phone or other electronic device, you likely have used another open wireless connection at some point--such as at coffee shops that offer free wireless to their customers through an open network.
Answered Jul 01, 2014

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