I am not good in playing basketball,how to be good in basketball?

i am not good in basketball.all of my friends are good in basketball.When we go to the basketballcourt all of my friends are playing basketball and I am the only one whos not playing because I am not good in basketball.when I am shooting,the ball needs more force to get in the rim,i think my arm is weak to throw the ball into the rim.i want to be a good shooter and I want to enhance my dribling skills.please help me :(
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Asked Dec 01, 2013
well im no basketballer but you could buy a ball and practice at home dribbling it about or you could ask your friends to help you, go to the gym and improve your upper body strengths, go to the court on your own and try or look it up online
Answered Dec 03, 2013
Practice!! It takes time, but with practice you'll get there! Try dribbling with ur dominant hand first to get use to the feeling of dribbling then if you think you might be good try running around with the ball, controlling it as you run up and around the court or outside. If you think you might be good, try dribbling with your non dominant hand. This may be a bit tricky but it helps. Basketball has a lot of hand-eye coordination so doing things that help with hand-eye coordination will probably help. Or maybe writing with you'r non dominant hand might get use to using both hands. Trying bouncing two basketballs with each hand at the same time, keeping your head up. Then shooting. I personally think its like 50%aim 40% power 10% luck. Try standing near the net and shooting. Every time you get it in back up. If u miss, restart. Try from different angels, soon you'll start To realize how to control different shots. Most of all, NEver give up. I've been writing for quite a while lol. But remember, you don't have to be better than anybody else, you just have to be better than yourself.
Answered Dec 03, 2013
Edited Dec 03, 2013

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