I'm not gay but I like giving oral? Please help?

I am not gay but I love giving oral? I am 16, I am not a virgin and I love having relationships and sex with girls but about a couple weeks ago I was talking to this guy online one thing led to another and I agreed to give him oral it was the best thing ever he wants more and I want to do it but I'm not gay and I don't want to set an impression to others or him that I am x_x I only ever want to give oral when I'm Horney and only if it's with people I don't know it's turning into an obsession, what's wrong!?
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Asked Nov 24, 2013
Edited Nov 24, 2013
ever considered that you might be bi ?
Answered Nov 29, 2013
Hey guy :) Well here's my spin. I'm a gay Counselor and I've worked with teens for well over 10 years. I've studied sexually extensively, especially male sexuality issues with all age ranges. I luv working with guys your age because the ages between 13-17 are what I call the "Twilight Years" meaning, your at your first sexual peek between these ages and then again between 21-25, 35-42, and finally past 50. During your first peek, sex is perhaps the most enjoyable for several reasons such as, your ability to get and keep a rock hard boner for hours. As you grow older and testosterone wears off, you loose this, hence Viagra. Also guys at this peek can often times cum 2-3 at once, again as you get older, not going to happen. So right now sex for you is just fucking hot, fun and very pleasurable, so enjoy it! Have fun! Be safe above all. Do you know how to tell if a guy has an STI by looking at his cock? Do you know the signs of an STI? Before you have oral sex again, protected or otherwise, learn about these things.
There's a lot of factors to consider. Do you or the other guy have a foreskin (hood) (uncut)? If yes, hoods by nature breed bacteria, smegma. If an uncut guy has an STI such as Chlymida, Gonerehha, or Syphallis his cock will show very clear signs.
Before you blow a guy, and for your safety, take a few to look over his package. Without a doubt guys love their cocks played with. If his cock is soft, and no hood, check the head of his dick for any signs of infection such as yellow or green pus or discharge from the urethral opening, you know where piss and cum come out of. If the opening, the head, anywhere on or around the head of his cock has scabs, any white material known as "thrush" growing especially from the head of his cock, his piss hole or if he's got a foreskin, pull it back, if it's retractable, and take a look. If anything smells gross or funky, wrap his cock before sucking it. Same for you, hood or not. Check your cock over once in a while for any signs. If you get an STI Federal laws and most US State laws provide that teens are able to receive free confidential reproductive health services. Also, Planned Parenthood can help.
I don't think your bi or gay, your just YOU. Thank you enjoy sucking cock is fantastic :) It's normal and most certainly fun :) So just enjoy :) You seem very mature about this and confident.
You might surprised to learn that fuck buddies like what you have, buddies you have just for BJs or whatever, are very common with all men. Males are sexual by nature. We love having our cocks played with, sucked on and just overall direct dick stimulation. So, there's nothing wrong, dirty, sinful, gross, taboo or perverted about this. You like what you like :) If anything your sure of yourself. So don't stress out about this too much. Your fine. Like I said, just enjoy it :) Carefully :) If you have any further questions or need further info, or just to talk, feel free to email me at Sfwitch70@gmail.com
And no this isn't a pick up of an underage person. I'm a Counselor offering professional services. :)
Answered Jun 26, 2014

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