I need help identifying a designer logo for a Christmas present

I was in Vegas with my wife and she almost bought a purse, then put it back because it was too expensive. I thought I would get it for her for Christmas (even though I agree with her that it is pricey). However, I have no idea what brand of purse it is (if I know the brand I will be able to pick out the purse from a lineup).

The logo is a fancy capital T with an upside-down but identical fancy capital T over it. The two stacked "T"s look somewhat like the cross on the Red Baron's plane from WWI. The only other detail was a circle around the stacked "T"s.

Yes, this is a classic example of a "first-world problem," but I want to make the wifey happy.

Thanks for your help.
Asked Nov 21, 2013
did it look like this?

if that's the logo, the designer is Tory Burch
Answered Nov 21, 2013

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