How did the ancient rome colosseum impact future generations

Asked Nov 19, 2013
Answered Mar 19, 2014
Ancient Rome was the recipient of every form of false worship. The Rome ruler was deified or worshipped. Emperor worship was recognized especially in the province, temples being built in which they sacrificed to him as to a god. The worship of the emperor was to be the vital force in the religion of the Roman world till the adoption of Christianity. Because of this Christians were persecuted severely. The Roman Empire had much prosperity, and this brought much leisure time to the ruling class. The rulers saw to it that the masses got plenty of entertainment. The leaders used public funds to give the people bread and circuses, keeping their stomachs full and their minds diverted. Most of the public festivals and game were help in honor of pagan gods. Many of the classical plays were either grossly immoral and bloodily violent. In the Colosseum, gladiators fought each other to the death and fought wild animals. Condemned criminals and eventually Christian were thrown to ferocious beast. How does this compare to our time? There is plenty of cheap entertainment to occupy people's mind. Sports stadium are full, people are gambling, crowds sometimes get violent, and sometimes the player. Degrading music fills peoples ear, and indecent shows occupy theater stages as well as movies and TV shows. But even as in ancient time true Christians avoid these things and so do true Christians today. But who are true Christians? For the answer you can go to and see which religion do not practice any of those things and try to live their lives according to the Bible standards.
Answered Mar 29, 2014

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