Help finding friends and potential girlfriend

I have been a loner all my life Ive never had any real friends and I just lost my girlfriend of two and a half years now I'm looking for a girl in my area and around my age who is willing to start out as friends that are a little more open then most and I don't mean fuck buddies and see how it works out and maybe date idk why but Ive always been more comfortable talking to girls then guys I know that sounds weird in a lot of ways but its how I am

I know this hasn't been up long but I feel like I did a bad job describing what I was looking for. I'm not looking for a web or app that is specifically for dating but will take any suggestions. I'm looking for a girl who when gets together with friends or a good friend for a party or just to have fun is wild fun and maybe a little crazy sometimes (not an omg whore) but when it isn't to have fun just to hang out is still fun and open but at the same time serious and caring.

Loo I could go about what I'm looking for but in the end id only make myself look creepy picky and shallow I'm just looking for a chance to get out their and not always be alone. Just please help me out.
Asked Nov 19, 2013
Edited Nov 20, 2013
I've never had a problem with making friends...I have a handful. Friends don't always make everything better. I still felt lonely and basically an outcast at some points. I bet most people wish there was some sort of machine where you could type in what sort of girlfriend/boyfriend or friend you want and they would magically appear. No ones perfect. It's hard to find genuine qualities. I think it's hard for fun and serious to go together. My friends call me crazy and funny. I'm not the party wild type. It's just I have a crazy and funny personality. I am also very serious. People that don't know me well call me too serious. I met my boyfriend online...I didn't plan on getting one. He's my first boyfriend. There's loads of creeps on online dating things. I think you need to be open minded on what sort of girl you want...Because it probably makes the girls that don't fit your bill...Unwanted. You may unexpectedly like the quiet type. All girls have a certain charm about them. I like that you want a girl based on personality and not looks. Although you are probably not mentioning that for a reason that would make you seem 'shallow and picky'.
Answered Nov 11, 2014
Edited Nov 11, 2014

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