Will this workout obtain a 6 pack & how fast?

This workout is done daily with one of the extras from the 'extra' selection. I have little fat on my body, am fit & healthy. Will this workout help, how long until I achieve a 6 pack?

50 Jumping Jacks////
20 crunches///
10 v sits///
15 vertical leg crunches///
24, 12 each side oblique crunches///
20 Russian twists///
1 min plank///
20 situps///
20 situps///
2 30 sec planks///
24, 12 each side oblique crunches//
20 Russian twists//
20 Vertical leg crunches//
10 press ups//
30 plank//
5 min challenge/
10 min jumping jacks/


200 jumping jacks/
100 crunches/
80 lunges
70 squats
60 seconds of running
1 minute plank
40 jumping jacks
30 squats
20 high knees
10 push ups
Asked Nov 19, 2013
the "six pack" look largely depends on your body type. I used to work out like that and I had a sort of slanted six pack because of my muscle shape.

Just keep at it and you will look good. If you just started working out like this, then I suggest taking a break every other day and eating good portions of fruit, vegetables, and protein.

There is a period of rapid growth. That period can last anywhere from 3-12 weeks. After this period you will not improve as fast. So you may look like one of the guys from 300 with the right diet and persistence. On the other hand, you can also look more like me. Good and attractive but not perfect. Just depends on your body. Some people are lucky others have to work harder. Most of us fall in between. Three is not a definite time that fits all bodies. Just have good habits and keep going man !
Answered Nov 19, 2013
Thank you so much!

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