Don't know if I should apply for this super opportunity job

want to apply for a job that is 45 minutes away, which is the norm for the area I live in.(no jobs in my area) It is a great opportunity such as title, structured schedule, no nights/weekends/and holidays. I would be able to finish my degree. Not sure if it is worth driving for because I make 16.50 now, position applying for is 33,000 a yr salary, not hourly...Please help
Asked Nov 17, 2013
there are a few things you need to consider when switching from hourly to salary. the major thing is that you are going to be working more than you did as an hourly worker and your not going to see these benefits immediately. One of the biggest things going for salary though is that your more secure in your job status usually and you have a higher chance of promotion if you work hard and are good at your job (and show leadership qualities). If you are looking for a job that has a secure future salary is not a bad way to go just make sure that its what you want and that your willing to sacrifice your time for that. Its up to you. Best of wishes with either decision. :)
Answered Nov 28, 2013

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