Can you help me improve my sentence below better?

The sentences are:

In addition, the character of Mrs. Warren is one of the aspects that create some conflicts in this play. The conflicts arise from her selfish, pretense, strong conviction, sensitive, and temperamental behaviors that lead her to become an antagonist character. Besides, a lot of tensions are going on in this plays due to her arrogance. The story of her difficult childhood and struggle to gain a comfortable life for herself and her daughter illustrates her endurance, and her lack of regard for social restraints reveals her courage.
Asked Nov 17, 2013
What you have is good, but depending on what this is about I would suggest putting more information in it. I'm gathering this is a paragraph from your essay about what the conflict in a play.

For instance give specific lines or phrases from the play that would confirm her selfishness. You can do this for all of those listed or shorten your list, but I would suggest you add a little more, but what you have looks good.
Answered Dec 01, 2013

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