How to kill self without pain

How can I kill myself with no pain? Can I take a pill? My friends always mean and nobody cares about me, my grades are all Fs and I have to have a tutor come for two hours every weekend day. I don't have a good relationship with my family because my dad hates me and moved to San Francisco. The last time I communicated with him was when I was three through a phone call. He changed his number. My mom only cares about my brother and doesn't care when I come home after school. She doesn't even really talk to me. Help me if you can but nobody can help, no one cares about me, I just want someone who love me.
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Asked Nov 15, 2013
SAME HERE, but I'm the only child. I don't get along with my parents and classmates everyday. My mom only care about her husband like I don't exist in her life. My grade are mostly around 80 or etc even my projects that I work so hard on everyday, but my teacher give me a bad grade anyway because everyone hate me so much. Same here everyone need someone important and special in their life sometime and I really need someone to love. Hey we have something in commons. It look like there another me.
yifawu Sep 06, 2014

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life is pretty hard, all I can say is to not hurt yourself and dont worry about anybody just put your head down get your school work done it is not about the grades it is about trying I have been there and done that I am 15 and I am single and dont go to school no more. so all I can say is dont think about girls or boy friends think about your future and what you want to become. please dont hurt yourself, you will regret it trust me I have done it and it hurt not only you but everyone around you
Answered Nov 15, 2013
There is much more to your life than school and family, trust me. Just keep your head down till you're of age, then move away. Your dad doesn't hate you, he obviously has a lot of issues. In a few years these feelings will go away.
Answered Nov 16, 2013
Theres a reason all of this is happening life has to get bad to become good if you're old enough get a job (maybe evan mc donalds) and save up to move out please just dont kill yourself I cant express how much better life can get for u :)
Answered Nov 16, 2013
God put us on the earth for a reason...and there hill in life but rewarded at the end... Dont kill ur self my other dad (he is not my step dad or really dad) he though the same way u did and I was in a big problem my self that I was dealing with and the people I lived with then did not want me to talk to him at all. But I found ways and one day I called and he did not pick up same the next day then I found out he try to kill him self...the only way he is still alive is because of a angel in heaven... Now has a girlfriend and they are really serious and she has two kids + me(he call me his daughter)... Please don't there are people who care... Like me....:) so keep ur head up and find a hobby
Answered Nov 16, 2013
Don't do it. Two of my grades are F's right now - one about 4% and the other 0% due to things too long to get into - and a mean friend isn't really a friend.
Answered Nov 17, 2013
Listen DONT kill yourself or cause harm to yourself that is permanent... Ik life sucks sometimes and right now its now being to great to me either... My gra ndma always used to tell me, "this too shall pass," it means life won't be bad can't b because there is always someone or something that changes...keep your beautiful face up and challenge the world with every new day it brings... ⚓❤
Answered Nov 17, 2013
When ur 25 ya won't even remember this period of ur life..bless you
Answered Dec 03, 2013
dont kill ur self. every way is painful. ive been there. go talk to someone. if u want u can emil me about it more and I can help.
Answered Dec 03, 2013
believe it or not I m in your exact same situation
only my dad died when I was 3
i tried to kill myself before
but the realised that God must have a plan he cant and wont create a person just to suffer
all I can say is be prayerfull God will comfort you
Answered Sep 08, 2014

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