Kids dads new girlfriend trying to control everything Why and what should I do?

like my kids dad has a new girlfriend and he is not allowed over my house to see his child or she has to be there. I don't let my son go off with his dad because he was caught doing pcp in front of our son like two months ago... He claims he has kicked the habit and he has found a job and goes to church now. The only thing is we have been on and off for 9 years and he has been trying to kick that habit all that time and hasn't so I won't allow it... She has nothing to do with it and she know's of his on and off drug problem why is he even allowing her to say when and how he can see his kid? They are not married and she doesn't even have his kids and she doesn't do this with his other kids mom so why is she pulling it with me? And he has left her for me before. But I finally decided to leave him alone and he went back to her. If that means anything....
Asked Nov 14, 2013

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