A girl told me she likes me but im not bi and have a boyfriend-14 yr old girl.

I am not bi and do not know what to do. I would tell my mom but then she may not let me hang out with her. We're good friends but I have a boyfriend and I don't know what to tell her. I don't want to hurt her feelings but not break up with my boyfriend. I've asked so many people but now I'm tied up and have trouble sleeping.
Asked Nov 11, 2013
Well if she really loves you there's nothing you can do she loves you! This is the same thing that happend to me and the girl said no I was so sad and now we aren't friends. 😭 But if she loves you think who loves you more this girl or your boyfriend? Don't say no just say not now but when we breck up then we mite do something just to put it off for a while. I really hope I helped tell me how it gos!! Love ya 😋
Answered Nov 11, 2013
nowhere Nov 11, 2013
I recently kissed her and it felt good
nowhere Dec 02, 2013
Then keep on keeping on with her
I'm glad it worked out for the both of you

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