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Automobile gas mileage will be the foremost consideration of American buyers from now on.

Now that all cars sold in America have achieved a certain level of fuel efficicncy, buyers will choose on the basis of performance.

How are the sentences related?

(A) The second contradicts the first.

(B) The second expands on the first.

(C) The second is a consequence of the first.

(D) The second is a restatement of the first.

2-Some property owners think that taking inventory is the only sure way to determine property loss or damage.

Certain property owners consider inventory-taking insulting and jeopardizing to the owner-tenant relationship.

How are the two sentences related?

(A) They contradict each other.

(B) They present problems and solutions.

(C) They establish a contrast.

(D)They repeat the same idea.

3-Under Teddy Roosevelt, existing forest reserves quadrupled, the first federal wildlife refuges were established, and the United States Reclamation Service was inaugurated to irrigate three million acres of arid land in the West.

The statement is chiefly intended to illustrate

Roosevelt's commitment to

(A) patriotism

(B) federal ownership of land

(C) conservation of natural resources

(D) expansionism

4-Nothing seems to work better in England than the theater, and it works to perfection. Reasons arc not hard to find: a sense of community involving both actors and audience, and a rich, self-renewing tradition stretching back to Shakespeare. Company loyalty rather than cutthroat competition is intelligently underwritten by state subsidy. The theaters must fill a high percentage of scats to justify their government grants. Their programs must be serious, but not so self-indulgent as to be out of the grasp of the audience. The result is a standard of performance consistently as high as any in the Western world.

10. The author's attitude toward English theater is

best described as

(A) admiring

(B) indifferent

(C) amused

(D) scornful

5- The purpose of the passage is to present

(A) a personal observation

(B) a solution to a problem
(C) factual information

6-I would without hesitation describe myself as a nature-lover. All aspects of nature — plants, animals, insects — fascinate me. I do not need to travel to experience these things; after all these years of natural history magazines and educational television programs I feel 1 know enough.

12. The major flaw in the author's argument is the failure to distinguish between

(A) country people and city dwellers

(B) living and nonliving natural objects

(C) immediate and secondhand experience

(D) loving nature and helping to preserve it

The exquisite accuracy of lasers is being increasingly harnessed by medicine. Lasers lend themselves to medical applications because they can produce immensely compact and energy-packed beams of coherent light. Compactness confers accuracy and energy confers the power to cut through tissue like a scalpel. A laser beam can be focused on an area as tiny as a human cell and vaporize its target without damaging surrounding tissue. But a laser is an expensive option, typically costing in excess of $50,000. Still, in cases where other therapies are too imprecise, a laser is worth the expense.

13. The author seems most impressed with the laser's

(A) compactness and heat

(B) accuracy and power

(C) widespread availability

(D) ability to diffuse light

The central flaw in her novels lies in the fact that the heroes are not truly themselves, but rather any and every hero ever produced by romantic fiction. Her characters' feelings arc drawn from literature, not life, and their lives are only replays of other fictional lives.

14. Which of the following best characterizes the novels described in the passage?

(A) Imitative

(B) Sensitive

(C) Hypocritical

(D) Subtle

Scientists have discovered a protein substance that is crucial to the development of the human brain. It is composed of large molecules that make brain cells "sticky" and cause them to adhere to one another, thus forming the long nerve fibers that characterize the complex wiring of the brain's circuitry.

17. It can be inferred from the passage that the newly discovered protein molecules are most similar to which of the following?

(A) Cell walls

(B) Building blocks

(C) Complex wiring

(D) Glue

The giant ape has never really died. King Kong is killed again and again on theater screens and on late night television, yet the film itself continues to survive. It is one of the most popular ever made. Kong has survived the competition of dozens of other monsters — neither Godzilla, nor giant spiders, ants, or scorpions have come close in lasting popularity. More than fifty years after his cincmatic birth, Kong is still very much alive.

18. What is the main subject of the passage?

(A) The reasons why giant apes are frightening

(B) The difficulty of making good monster


(C) The death of King Kong

(D) The lasting appeal of King Kong

After seven years of construction, the new East Wing of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., was finally opened to the public in 1978. Designed by I.M. Pei, the East Wing is probably the most expensive public building ever erected in the United States. Most of the $95 million that went into constructing it was donated by Paul Mellon and the Mellon foundation. Interestingly enough, Paul's father, Andrew Mellon, was the person who donated funds in the 1930's to build what is now the main building of the National Gallery.

16. The main purpose of the passage is to

(A) relate facts about the East Wing

(B) describe how the East Wing was built

(C) show why the East Wing is expensive

(D) question the need for a public building like

the East Wing

The areas in which cheetahs once flourished have shrunk considerably in the past fifty years. Some observers put Africa's cheetah population at about thirty thousand. Others believe that no more than fourteen thousand remain. Even in the areas where the surviving animals live, more and more land is being settled and farmed, cutting into the space the cheetahs need to survive. Without vast open areas, well stocked with game, they are doomed to extinction.

22. The writer's main point is that

(A) the living space available to cheetahs is

becoming too small

(B) cheetahs are being hunted too much

(C) there is too much farming in Africa

(D) no one knows how many cheetahs there are

in Africa

23. The passage suggests that the number of cheetahs left in Africa is probably

(A) 14,000

(B) between 14,000 and 30,000

(C) 30,000

(D) too large to count

Ironically, storms create more problems for today's jet travelers than they did for passengers in the propeller-driven planes of yesteryear. Though technology has advanced, communication systems have lagged behind. Banking upon improved technology, pilots often have been too ready to fly in stormy weather. In many accidents, pilots have lacked weather data known to others.

19. The passage implies that modern pilots can be faulted for

(A) a lack of technical skill

(B) an inability to interpret weather data

(C) misplaced confidence

(D) inadequate communication skills

Outstanding novelist, skilled folklorist, journalist, critic, and scholar, Zora Neale Hurston was, during the period between 1920 and 1950, the most prolific published Black woman writer in America. Yet she lived in controversy, died penniless, and was out of print for thirty years. Only now is her work receiving the recognition it deserves.

20. The author's attitude toward Hurston can best be

described as

(A) apologetic

(B) admiring

(C) condescending

(D) indifferent

Surprisingly, all cells, whether of plant, bacteria mouse, or human, are made of the same fundamental materials: nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates water, and salts. This uniformity of the Earth's life ' more astonishing than its diversity, can be accounted tor by the high probability that all forms of life derived, originally, from a single cell.

21. The main purpose of the passage is to

(A) describe the internal structure of cells

(B) contrast the ideas of uniformity and diversity

(C) discuss the uniformity of cells

(D) trace the evolution of human cells from their

"Sesame Street" is the most thoroughly researched television program in history. It was studied before it went on the air and has been analyzed since. Its success in achieving its basic goal, improving the reading, arithmetic, and other basic skills of young children, has been well documented. There is also some evidence that children imitate the human behavior they observe on the program. These harmless, often amusing imitative acts may justify the current concern about the effects on children of televised violence.

24. What does the passage say about the basic goal of "Sesame Street"?

(A) Its achievement has been prevented.

(B) It was never clearly stated.

(C) It is impossible to achieve.

(D) It is being met.

25. "Sesame Street" aims primarily at improving

(A) children's social behavior

(B) attitudes toward education

(C) basic skills

(D)the quality of human behavior

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