My parents want to send me to iraq alone and im quite done living.

Ive been threatened by my parents way to much and I am feeling suicidal at the moment. My life isnt that great, but I wont go into detail so ill only explain what im really scared about...
I live in melbourne, australia. A wonderful place with absolutely everything. I am not allowed to register to social networking sites, even kik facebook etc >:( So one day I did, and I uploaded a photo of me kissing the air and I have edited a famous person near me to look like im kissing him. OBVIOUSLY it isnt real. My mum went through my phone once and I freaked out, then shefound every message etc. She wont let me talk to boys, eventhough the chat was clean! So anyway, she found the photos, msgs, etc. She got mad at me and had a 1 hour talk to me at 12am, I was tired and cried so much. She told me that I was on my 2nd warning and on my 3rd, my dad will book a ticket to IRAQ and drop me off there with his relatives family, the worst fsmily ever. Theyre all religious and stuff like that. So he will go back to australia and leave me there with them for the rest of my life, until I get my shit straight.
I hate my family but I somehow dont want them to abandon me.. Last year my mum said the exact same thing about threatening to drop me off in iraq. How am I supposed to live there? No internet? No family? YOU CANT EVEN SHOWER! U HAVE TO SHOWER WITH POURIG BUCKETS ON YOUR DAMN HEAD, AND IM NOT USED TO THAT AND IM AUSTRALIAN! Also the toilets are gross and everything just weird there. Apparently rape happens a lot there, and I freaked the hell out whenni heard that. Im used to my old life and lately all thats been happenig is me getting hit by my parents, being threatened, much more. My mum calls me fat and ugly for having a sad face All the time. Icant do anything about it and its so weird livig like this? Im feeling suicidal to be honest. Theres more worse things I cant mention as its embarrassing.

So I have 2 questions;
How do I stop my family from hating me and wanting to abandon me?
And if I cut my wrist vertically will I pass out and hopefully wake up in hospital?
Please just give me a clear answer and try mke me feel better and I am muslim too, its against religion to do most things you ppl think of. I hate feeling suicidal with a family who dont want me, or dont want me to have friends.
Bye.. This is too long but if I had the chance to put everything bad I my life, it would be impossible to fit in this box.
Asked Nov 07, 2013
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Answered Nov 07, 2013
Are you still in Australia?
Answered Jan 30, 2014
Im in Australian and one thing dont cut your wrist. Tell your parents that the way they are treating you is making you want to kill yourself dont try to wake up in a hospital. Its not good Help lines are good aswell
Answered Jan 31, 2014
Alsallmo allaikom Sister. Look I'm in Iraq to. I used to live in Melbourne, Australia I don't know weather your my sister or not but my Future is Gone just living in Iraq. It's been 1 and a half years and I'm pretty Sad. There is nothing you can really do about it cause in Iraq your dad and mum can hit you and stuff. But also are u in Australia? Also how old are you? ( I'm not a perverse or some thing because if it 18 then u can move out from ur family ) also never make a decision to go to Iraq ok. If ur in Iraq then just pray and make Duaa. Btw I'm Muslim to though from staying in Iraq I got tinnitus eye floaters flashes in the eye Abit of blurry Vision and depression. I didn't think this will happen to be cause I'm only 12 and all these sickness are for people 50 and over so I feel like a 56 year old OLDER THAN MY DAD !! ( he's 50 ) so hopefully you will enjoy life not like me just sad and stuff :( This is life :(
Answered Mar 01, 2014
Talk to u r parents try nd explain to them
Answered Mar 01, 2014
Edited Mar 01, 2014

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