My husband sent msg to her I ADORE YOU so am I right to be pissed off because I really am (details)

I found a msg in my husband phone from a stranger girl. He deleted of course previous msgs but what I saw was first she said to him - thank you (he said was her birthday and she is online friend) then HE replays _ I adore you, then again her turn she said - you love your wife and his replay I love her and I adore YOU and I admire YOU. I am in shock I got very angry I said to him but he says she is just a friend online she lives in USA (we live in Europe). He said that she got a birthday so that is why and He meant that he admire her work because she is hardworking girl. No comments. Even If everything is right yes online friend but How he dares to write that he adores her. She is good looking but like a slut (apologize) We got married this year and I am angry so Am I right because he is gonna read your answers and What would u advice me to do ?? Thanks
Asked Nov 05, 2013
I think that your husband should be careful of what he says to other women and remind himself that he's a lucky man. And that you should trust him but keep an eye on him. You guys need to remember that marriage is a beautiful thing and that you have to trust the person or it won't last!
Answered Nov 06, 2013
ur just bein a spaz
Answered Nov 06, 2013

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