I am 18 yrs boy, and I hav a crush on another boy! How can I start of with a relation?

I hav expressed him that I love him, and he did not react negative. He projects himself as straight, but He blushes when I try to touch him. I hav noticed him many times lookin at me during lessons in school. I guess he loves me as well. We text a lot. We dont talk much in school. I love him very much. He is my life. I will die if I will not get him. How should I confirm this that he loves me as well, without his knowledge. Also he told me that he loves a girl, but the way he blushes in front of me, I guess he doesnt. I hav noticed him doing strange things to have my attention. Please guys, help me with this.
If you want me to recieve your personel answer - my ID - nishantmethaqwert@gmail.com
Asked Nov 05, 2013
Edited Nov 05, 2013
Just take it slowly. I know that doesn't sound comforting but if you rush through and try to do everything at once it's not going to work out too well, or at least be very awkward for both of you. Just talk, text, chat etc as much as you can. You've already told him how you feel so that's taken care of. Wait for some clear signs of liking you back (the things you said he was doing sound good, but see if they continue over another week or two). Then you can start getting closer to him.

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Answered Nov 05, 2013

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