Why am I so shy and nervous?

Im a girl,im 9,my parents split when I was 3 and a half or four. As soon as I moved to this new town I shut down and got really shy-even now ere on week 12 and im still shy in my new school. im shy around my girlfrend (i know im a lesbo no need to rub it in !) Are any of you really shy? My teachers always saying im so quiet. The girl who sits next to me understands my emotions like my GF and says "No wonder"
Asked Nov 04, 2013
Hey and im Bi so im happy that u are a lesbo :) anyways being shy is okay.... my old EX ( who was a female ) is still Shy and actually its okay to be that :) You like to keep things to yourself which is good. Im not really shy as I was the guy in my GAY relationship I was the outgoing one while my gf was the little shy cute one :) So let those teachers say whatever one day.... trust me you will come out and if u dont then being shy is just you and it aint a bad thing its normal :) hope it helps
Answered Nov 04, 2013

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