Please help me I do not know what to do and think others may feel similar

Here goes sorry for the essay and I'm not usually one to take help on Internet forum sites but I'm just going to go from the beginning and look forward to getting some advice, help and things to be put into prospective from a neutral point of view. I've known this girl for just over a year now and when we first met I always felt we were on the same wavelength from then our conversations over Facebook/text could
Go on for hours and I would always have a sense of trust between us as well as knowing she would always be there for me likewise when vice versa we would see each other as very good mates if not best friends but over the last few months I've slowly started to get much stronger feelings for her before this stage I had sometimes thought if there was anything more In it other then friendship as the conversations we'd have was like something I would never have with other girls but normally would slip my mind without to much thought...

It took me around 2-3 months when I realised I did like her to tell her this at the time she was single but recently split from a relationship I asked to meet her and I had a feeling she knew what was coming but hey ho I went for it anyway... We sat there and talked for about an hour during which I let all my feelings out and said everything and in her response were similarities in the fact she had also thought in her mind if there was anything more then just friendship between the 2 of us, anyway she said to me another boy a couple of nights before had also said he liked her I thought at the time it could only be a bad thing anyway she said she would think about it and let me know in the week and true to her word she did but the response wasn't one I was hoping for she revealed she wasn't really looking for a relationship however wouldn't really rule it out in the future and didn't want to ruin also what we both have my response being "you simply don't know until we try" which risky yes but I was willing to put anything on the line well us talking did die down a bit partly down to me as I did take a step back to see if these feelings would go but they didn't they got stronger...

But then there was some bad news and the boy who had said liked her when we had the meet was now in a relationship with her, what have I done I felt as though I'd wasted my chance and now it really is over, anyway since them being together we've still been speaking as we normally would and she even tells me things she wouldn't say to her boyfriend as that trust it there but with the feelings as strong as ever I do love her it's my first proper love at the age of 17 but I've not felt like this before I'm having sleepless nights and really working myself up over the situation.

If you are still reading at this stage then I gather you would like to help or you have been in a similar situation my question is do I wait around to show my loyalty and seriousness in my feelings for her and hope sometime soon they split up? Or do I need to face the harsh reality in the back of my mid it's not going to happen and I need to try and move on either way whatever happens I still want to have that great relationship we have between us but at current I can't help but want more then friendship... So please help me as I do need a resolution sooner rather then later for my own good :/
Asked Nov 03, 2013
Ask her why didn't you with me. I've been waiting so long for this
Answered Nov 03, 2013

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