Parent of a Teenage Turtle

I got my turtle back in April, he was born approximately the previous August of 2012. When he was a baby, he loved food, and when he saw me enter the room, he got all happy and come to the front of the glass of his tank.

But as he gets older, he seems to not be as enthusiastic anymore. he is still very much alert, and likes to keep his head up and listen to the noises around the house. he still does the superman stretch when he basks, and dives into the water to swim around. he's just not as hyper as when he was a baby. his eyes are bright and beautiful, and he has no physical RI symptoms,(vomiting, gasping, ect).

Is it him just getting older? His UVA and UVB lighting hasn't changed, nor his water temp. Its always around 75-80 degrees in the water, the basking lamp is a Zoomed 50 watt bulb, kept 12 inches away from the basking spot. And the same with his UVA bulb.

Its also coming around winter, so is the change in the season affecting the turtle?

I want a direct and clear answer, not a copy-and-paste of everything there is to know about turtles. thanks!
Asked Nov 02, 2013
I dont think theres anything wrong its like seeing the same people everyday your not going to be as enthusiastic as when u first saw them
Answered Nov 02, 2013

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