How to fix this (only real help please)

I have not slept in at least a month I am so tired now and it is not funny I have a cold tooth and nothing is making it warm and this is keeping me up and I cant sleep in the day the light shines in my face through the curtains. I was going to do astral travel but I'm too tired. Too tired to listen to positive music. Yes I don't need it to get to sleep as my body is already going to sleep it just wont because of the light, noise, the cold.
This is not sleep over a month but a period of time

Guess what the doctors dont care
Asked Oct 31, 2013
Edited Oct 31, 2013
The doctors may not care, but you can literally die without sleep. Your brain is simply gonna turn itself off at this rate. It's quite literally doctor or die here. And if you don't get killed by lack of sleep, you'll get killed by a car. You can't function correctly without sleep and you'll end up killing yourself one way or another. Also, when you go to see a doctor (yes, when), you need to have someone else take you. Driving without 1 nights sleep is a large cause of accidents let alone a months.
Answered Oct 31, 2013
Edited Oct 31, 2013

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