Is this girl bi-curious, a hipster, or just a straight up tease!?

So we're both in college.
This girl is 24. I'm a 20 year-old lesbian. (I realize most girls probably don't like the idea of dating younger, but hey, I'm mature for my age, ladies)
I totally got close with this girl by chance. We had a class together a couple semesters ago when I was with my previous girlfriend. Since we were all in the same course together, it was easy for me to bring up sexuality when I met this mystery girl again two semesters later.
Originally, I totally thought this girl was gay. She's super feminist and outspoken. It turns out she's really just a hipster (lol). Or so I thought when she told me that she fucked one of our male TA’s.
Even though she started dating a new guy right around the same time we started really getting to know each other, I still picked up a super friendly and open vibe around her. She is a naturally kind and friendly person, though. So I'm never really sure if she is so friendly to me because she really likes me, or just because she is a nice person! She always makes eye contact with me, smiles, laughs, asks me personal questions, gives me personal information about her life, and generally sounds interested.
Anyway, we started having coffee and talking regularly after class. Since I was pretty attracted to her since the first time I laid eyes on her, I couldn't really help but flirt through this whole getting-to-know-each-other phase of our relationship. Keep in mind that my idea of flirtation is intense eye contact and laughing at everything she says.
I thought that maybe she was into guys, but also girls. Since I never asked her, she never said. I usually don't feel the need to ask girls to label their sexuality since I HATE labeling my own. She did start pulling back a bit once she really started dating this new guy. Apparently they used to work together and he happened to show up again and suddenly show interest in her...just my fucking lesbian luck. The frequent emails stopped and so did the texts. I pretty much got the point. I'm not one to pressure someone into something they don't want. But I still couldn't totally let her out of my life completely because we really do have fucking much in common and do happen to have a super natural chemistry, I think. I can't help but think/hope she feels it too.
So one day I invited her to have coffee on a Sunday afternoon to get some writing done. She accepted and sent me directions to her favorite coffee shop near her place. We had a blast talking for hours, of course. But somewhere in the midst of a discussion about queer theory, she randomly states that she too could be identified as queer. Without my encouragement, she proceeded to tell me that although she leans towards the heterosexual spectrum, she doesn't have exclusive interest in men... WTF?!
What type of straight girl confesses something like that to a lesbian...a lesbian that flirts with you...a lesbian who you share books with and buy coffee for...I can't be the only one that thinks that that kind of comment is a come-on in some type of way, right?? She also talked a lot about the guy that she is dating and how they never have very intellectually stimulating or engrossing conversations (like the ones we have). She says she is unsure of why she continues to date him, but also talks a lot about how he is nice/attractive in other ways...I'm just so unsure of this girl! One minute she's telling me that she's queer and that she wants to meet my friends. The next minute, she's telling me how excited she is for her next date with lover boy.
Anyone from an outside perspective see the clarity in this situation???
If so, please, PLEASE shed the light.
I'm not an idiot. I don't usually intend to chase straight girls. But I really do think I feel something between us..sometimes..and girls can send crazy signals! So help a bitch out. Thanks ! ☺
Asked Oct 30, 2013
Edited Oct 30, 2013
I doubt that you're bitch, from what you just said I think that she does like you she just doesn't seem like the type to break up with someone and then get together with someone immediately after. She seems like she's trying to wait it out and see if her relationship with her boyfriend will turn into the type of relationship you two have. In the mean time just be by her side when she needs it and don't try and flirt too much or else she'll kinda disappear again (I'm also bad at reading flirt signs from girls I like)
Answered Oct 30, 2013

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