What is up with my stitches coming loose where my molar back top molar was extracted?

I had 3 of my wisdom teeth extracted Friday, and 1 of my back molars extracted. The surgeon put stitches pretty much everywhere that needed them, and that included the back molar gums. The gums in my back molar were stitched close, but after nearly 4 days they have come loose. Every time I take a breath, I can feel the air travel up the tiny slit between the loosely stitched gums, and I feel pressure in my nasal cavity. I called my surgeon immediately after I got out of class today, and he said I need to come in immediately the next morning. Can someone tell me if this has happened to them? How can I bring down the swelling from the wisdom teeth extraction?
PS.. I lost feeling in half my tongue after the bottom wisdom tooth was extracted and I keep biting it...will it EVER come back? Please help :(

Also...there isn't much pain when I breathe in...it's just scary feeling air travel up the slit and into my face?
Asked Oct 28, 2013
I had all 4 removed while in boot camp, if you open your mouth even slightly close to considered fully open, it will tear all stiches then eventually create and abscess. This happened to me on both sides of my bottom jaw. Takes months to heal.
Answered Jun 10, 2018

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