My dog was bitten bt another dog in my home when she growled at the oter dog for eating her food.

The other dog is a part-Pitt, and mine is a Chihuahua. The other dog's owner feel since my dog growled at hers, I am liable. *Note: Her dog recently attacked and killed a bunch of chickens, as well as attacking (no injuries) yet another Chihuahua in my home the day before my dog was attacked. The vet bill was over $1300.00 for my Chihuahua, and I would like advice on what to do about this?
Asked Oct 28, 2013
I think that it's the other dog's fault and not yours. He has killed and attacked many times before. Also I think that the growling of your dog may have been caused by your dog feeling threatened. Even if your dog was growling that should mean nothing. Growling is like yelling, but the other dog acted on it and fought. Is that clear? hope it helps and that's all I know sorry and ps. she should have kept control of her dog so I feel as if she is liable.
Answered Apr 30, 2014
Hello, I read your comment right now and I can feel how does it feel when our pets get bitten by another dogs, because I am die hard pets lover. I also face the same problem. The solution of this problem is not in our hand unless and until both pets didn't get friends. So One thing we can do is we can avoid this wearing them clothes and pet jersey so that their skin will be safe somehow and they also looks cute in the jerseys. I do prefer Poshpupppysports online pet accessories seller, Where I get everything at cheap price.
Answered Sep 27, 2019

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