A old guy wants to rape me?

there's this boy down my street called billy and me and him are like best mates, and every now and then we go out and make money from a car wash company (were only kids) and one bizarre day I was going in his house to get cleaning supplies and his dad pulled his pants down and started moving it up and down but he didn't say nothing and I tried to tell billy but he didn't belive me and me and billy didn't talked for ages and about 6 months later we started talking again and I plucked up the courage to go back in. but while billy was there he didn't do a thing but then he asked billy to go out and for me to stay. I said no. and he was saying he needed my help wid summit. so billy left and he started agin. I ran off crying to billy but he still dint belive me. what should I do? I don't want to tell my foster parents.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 25, 2013
This is serious you should tell somebody!
Answered Oct 25, 2013
I know I should but its embarrassing. he doesn't do nothing he just hints... its awkward...

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