What website can I share photos online with specific people? I need unlimited storage

I have a nursing club and the club wants to share photos (a lot of them or about 100000 photos.
I’m not kidding) with ONLY nursing students. I was wondering what would be a good online photo sharing site. Please help me.
Asked Oct 24, 2013
Okay well the only one I can think of is facebook?
If you create an event you can add certain people and they will be the only ones who see them, and you can add as many pictures as you like. Or I believe you could change the privacy settings on the album so only certain people can see that album. It takes time to upload them all though :/ Of course, then everyone will have to have facebook for this to work..
Answered Oct 24, 2013
Dropbox, Google drive MediaFire etc are some online services,where you can share your photos and these are safe and reliable. For more details about online sharing you can also visit
Answered Feb 25, 2014

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