How do you complete a ratio table?

When a photo is reduced or enlarged, its length to width ration usually remains the same. Aurelia wants to enlarge a 4-inch by 6-inch photo so that it has a width of 15 inches. Use a ratio table to determine the new length of the photo.

Length (in.) 4 ______ __13__

Width (in.) 6 ______ __15__

The new length of the photo is 13 inches. (My answer)

In the table above, 4 inches and 6 inches were filled in. I put in 15 inches in the width because that was the information given in the problem. I used 13 inches for the length since the length was 2 inches less than the width and the problem states that the length to width ratio usually stays the same.

How do I figure out what to put in the middle blanks to complete the ratio table????

Asked Oct 22, 2013
I don't know the answer can you help me

Answered Oct 09, 2018

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