What should I do if a girl I like doesn't know who she likes?

Well this girl goes to my school I started liking her at the beginning of the school year. I asked if she liked me she said yes and I also said I like you too. We went on with our conversations. The homecoming game was coming up,I didn't want to go but she begged me to go so I went. I get there and we hung out for not even 5 mins and she blew me off so I got in a pissy mood. I asked her friends what was wrong with her they said that they didn't know. So, I decided to ask her that night. I said,"why didn't you hang out with me at the game." She said," it's nothing." I asked her do you even still like me? She said I don't know who I like. But she tells my friend she likes me and another guy. What should I do?
Asked Oct 22, 2013
are you girl or a guy.
look if she likes both of you she will have to choose not a lot you can do bout that buddy good luck
Answered Oct 23, 2013

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