Why you should go with php?

PHP is a very simple and powerful server side scripting language for creating dynamic web-applications.

One of the major advantages of PHP over other scripting languages is its simplicity. If you have the knowledge of basic programming concepts, such as C or C++, then you can work independently and easily learn this technology.

When we talk about the market scenario, more than 5 million servers run PHP, and it has a great community. Also, PHP being an open source technology, it is very cost effective, as we need not purchase licenses while running PHP based applications over public IP. It is a dynamic language, so we need a database such as MySql ,which is also open source, a server like apache, and an operating system like Linux, which is open source as well.
According to the above statements we see it is an entirely “Open Source” technology, so PHP based applications, including database, server and operating system, are free.

DotNet vs PHP

As seen in the market scenario, PHP is more popular than DotNet (ASP.Net) and other Scripting Languages; it is used by more websites than any of its competitors is.

It is very fast and has been increasing in popularity day by day .

PHP is always one step ahead of DotNet, for example:
Purchasing License - as you know, PHP is an open source technology, so cost of applications is always very less than that of DotNet.
Framework - There are hundreds of PHP frameworks available in the market, such as Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, Symfony, Smarty etc., which are also open-source; when we talk about DotNet, we see that it has only one framework, called .Net Framework, which is not free.
Community - If you need any kind of Help regarding PHP, thousands of blogs and forums are available; the community for DotNet is slightly less widespread, and answers to queries are not as readily available.
Server - PHP supports any server, such as MIIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server), Apache, Tomcat etc., and Apache server is compatible with PHP because it is Open-Source as well. This is not the case with DotNet.
Security - PHP is a very secure language as compared to others.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It's very helpful for everyone.

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Hii, Php is very usefull and interesting language. Now a days php is use to making website.

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One advantage of PHP over other scripting languages is its simplicity.PHP being an open source technology.PHP is a very secure language as compared to others.PHP supports any server, such as MIIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server), Apache, Tomcat etc. https://www.besanttechnologies.com/training-courses/php-training/php-training-institute-in-chennai
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PHP language is easy to learn and you can learn quickly from any of the online tutorials. It provides best career opportunities and huge scope for future and also offers job opportunities in big IT or MNC’s companies. You should go with PHP because it offers best career scope for your future and also lots of opportunities. After learning you can do the website development work as a freelancer or you can also do a full-time job. If you are a fresher a looking for PHP jobs then, you can get by applying through Monster India Jobs portal. Just create your profile on this job site and start applying for the jobs. More details Click On:- http://www.monsterindia.com/php-jobs.html
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Hypertext Processor- PHP is Web Scripting language which can be used in HTML of a Web Page. There are many reasons to use PHP Language:

*It is great for creating database-driven Web sites

*It allows Web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly and

*There is no licensing fee for using it and it can run on various platforms.

*The possibility of interacting with different database languages.

*Creation of website using PHP is very cheap and easy.

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There are several benefits of using PHP for web development; few important ones are given below.
1) Cross platform: PHP code is compatible with all the operating system such as UNIX, Windows servers and easily run on different operating system.

2) Easy to learn and understand: Unlike other languages, it does not require too much programming skills, if a person wishes to learn this language, then he/she can easily learn in short duration of time. Those who understand C can get the grip of PHP language also, because PHP websites scripts have similarity with C programming.

3) Easily Embedded with HTML and DBMS: PHP can be embedded within the relational database management system and has a strong output buffering.

4) Reliable: PHP is reliable and fast server side scripting language for website development.

5) Dynamic language: To support dynamic property of PHP, html can be easily embedded into PHP.
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PHP is scripting language and it is easy to learn & understand.
Some of the popular PHP Frameworks are:

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One of the most significant advantages of PHP is that it is platform agnostic, meaning it can run on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and most web browsers. It also works with all major web servers, making it simple to deploy on a variety of systems and platforms at a low cost. .. https://www.nextstacks.com/
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