Am I being watched by the police!?

Every time I change my cellphone number (every 2/3 months) I get a random call from someone asking to speak to another random name & then they small talk me or ask for my info. The last 7 times I changed it within a week I got those calls & they only occur when I change the number. A little background: I am really flashy with my style & I used to hang out with ex-criminals & there's is rumours that I make a lot of money through public perception & I feel that people have mentioned my name since they suspect that I do a lot of criminal things but I don't. When I call from my Iphone/Berry there is a delay before it dials & it just is off. I am almost convinced I am being tapped & I have seen a undercover car in my suburb when my mom went to our family friends drive 1minute after she left. Keep in mind I'm just under 25 & Eastern European & do you recommend when I get a call like that again if I should just tell them I know it's them & to try to arrange a meeting at the station or something.
Asked Oct 17, 2013
I think you're just paranoid mate.

Even my iPhone has a delay and those random calls, well -- they're called telemarketers.
Answered Oct 17, 2013
sounds like you are just being paranoid
Answered Jan 07, 2014

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