What dog should I get?

I live in a two bedroomed flat with my mum and dad. I'm 13 and really want a dog. It would stay in my room as mines is quite big. My mum wants a small cute cuddly dog with not a lot of hair, I would like a greyhoud or something but she doesn't want one. I need a dog who couuld deal with small spaces, but I woukd take them for walks 3 times a day and they need to be gentle but still be a tough looking dog..help!?
Asked Oct 16, 2013
My favourite dog is a Rottweiler or Bulldog but they are a bit dangerous and grow quite big, if u want something cute, not much fur and cuddly and small, id say a PUG (look them up if u don't know what they r) but the only thing its missing for u is that they don't look tough :) hope u have fun with ur new dog :P
Answered Oct 19, 2013
Pugs are cute, thanks :P
No dogs are dangerous. #blamethedeednotthebreed
NoneYa Apr 11, 2015
Chihuahua. Jack RUSSEL. Pug. Dachshunds. Are all perfect.
Answered Oct 20, 2013
I have a Chihuahua and its the best ever.
Answered Dec 03, 2013
Lab Or A Border Collie
Answered Dec 07, 2013
Get a chinese crested dog their amazing and funny to play with. Small and less hair. But beautiful
Answered Nov 02, 2014
Answered Nov 02, 2014
I think you should buy a pitbull or a dachshund dog, they are small, cute and look tough. But don't worry every dog can be trained according to your house environment, you can make a strong bond with your dog by spending a lot time with him. If you want dog training tips and apparel such as dachshund clothes, visit, http://atozpetcare.com/dachshund-clothing/.
Answered Apr 10, 2015
I agree. Pit bulls are the BEST dogs ever!! Thousands of pit bulls get killed in shelters every year so please do a user adopting from your local animal shelter. Everyone thinks pit bulls are bad dogs but the owners raise them like that. It's like a kid. Raise it bad, it'll be bad. It's not the dogs fault at all. Ask @kentucky_rescues on Instagram for ANY dog info. She's the dog queen. Hope I helped.
NoneYa Apr 11, 2015

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