Could I be pregnant? PLEASE HELP

I had a baby 9 weeks ago so I've been told that because of that I'm extremely fertile. I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago but I took the morning after pill, I left it three days though. I had unprotected sex again twice, a week and a half ago but I didn't take the morning after pill. He pulled out all three times but I'm a bit concerned about pre cum. I'm a week late on my period and I've had some discharge. More than usual. Do you think I could be pregnant again or is this normal after taking the morning after pill? please help
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 15, 2013
It is possible you could be pregnant. Take a test. It should say something. I'm 24 and had a baby at 20. I had my period but it was quite short
Answered Oct 28, 2013
Edited Oct 28, 2013
Of course you can be pregnant... any time you have unprotected sex you are putting yourself a risk. Use condoms... every single time. And you should also be concerned about a bacteria transfer during oral and other condom-less sex acts.. so make your partner use an antibacterial penis health creme for extra cleanliness and hygiene down there. I use one and my partner really appreciates it. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Nov 21, 2017

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